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NewAma Soft reel, 5mm, 200m (656ft)

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Due to the success of the new construction of our Clara Premium jute rope, this method is being extended to other products. The advantage is that it ensures more even tension between the yarns. This means that it stays in balance, thus requiring less maintenance and giving longer life. It also eliminates the faults, like yarn loops, that can occur when making single yarn ropes.

Our latest product, NewAma Soft, is extremely soft, flexible and compressible for tight knots and frictions. It is the typical 3-strand construction but with 5 sub-plies of 8 yarns.

No need for wet treatment as it is already as soft as you could want and there is no strong farmyard smell. As with all linen hemp, it is very unlikely to trigger any allegies common with cannabis hemp.

We don’t guarantee reels without defect.