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JinzouNawa, synthetic jute, 6mm x 10m (32.80ft)

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JinzouNawa looks similar to natural jute but is in fact a modern and durable spun polyester fibre rope with a load rating in excess of 500kg/1,100lbs.

It is a loose laid (gentle twist), very soft and flexible so handles nicely. Whilst being a 3-srand rope, it has an unusual construction which gives it these characteristics: Each of the 3 strands comprises a further 3 strands. These stands are made up of 5 quintuple yarns. This gives it a yarn count of 225, putting it in a totally different league to low yarn count products like Hempex, synthetic hemp (6mm has 3 strands of 3 yarns, a yarn count of 9).

It is perfect for those situations where you have to rely on your rope, such as main suspension lines, or frequent washing or exposure to water is anticipated.