About us


You might have come across the name Esinem in connection with my shibari performances and teaching. Let it suffice to say that I have a lifetime's intimate experience of rope and, over the past 15 years or so, I have become engrossed in the Japanese art of kinbaku. So far, I have been fortunate enough to benefit from some tuition from some of their top masters: Yukimura Haruki, Kazami Ranki, Osada Steve, Kinoko Hajime, Naka Akira and Arisue Go. All this has given me a wealth of experience to judge what makes good rope.

I also know how hard it is to find good rope at a sensible price. It is my mission to bring you the best possible products at the keenest prices, where ever you are. In almost all cases, orders are shipped free by 1st Class Mail or Airmail from stock so you won't be kept waiting. We ship worldwide, in fact, at least half of my customers are in the USA.

I have searched high and low for the best rope. Whilst I was able to find very good standard twist rope, light flexible Japanese style rope proved prohibitively expensive. Finally, I found a supplier who would work with me to perfect an affordable copy. Thus was born the Asanwa range, a high performance rope that wouldn't break the bank. I was amazed by how close the first version was to that which I'd bought in Japan. Since then, we have developed many successful products together and I continue to expand my network of suppliers. You can be assured that our pursuit of the Holy Grail of rope will continue as we refine our products and seek out new ones.

Let me know what you think as all feedback is helpful. If you don't like my rope, tell me and we can do something about it as Nina and I (pictured above) do everything ourselves, right down to treating the rope. If you do, I'd still like to know but, better still, tell your friends!