Rope kits

Jute shibari rope kits

We are often asked for recommended starter kits because of the bewildering choice, so I have put some together so sets to get you started and give you big savings. So far, there are options for shibari fans in jute and also in hemp for fans of fusion and western styles, more will be added soon.

Jute kits

Jute is the rope of choice in Japan for shibari because it holds knots well and is light and flexible, so this is our preference. These kits are based on Tossa Lite Natural 6mm which is a true 6mm (most rope is over spec on diameter). The medium lay (twist) means it is soft and flexible but the double yarns means it is also durable and forgiving of rough handling. The good news is that it only needs dry treating, i.e. oiling and singeing off.

You can test the water with the Mini or Midi or jump right in with a full set of 8 ropes and a short 'get out the shit bit' for those inevitable times when your rope is just a bit too short and another would be way too much. Sets can be based on 8m (26ft approx.) or 10m (33ft approx) lengths, which you can trim down to your perfect length if need be.

The Mini, Midi and Maxi kits all include a choice of NaWax treatment wax or Rope Treatment Oil* to keep your rope in tip top condition and EMT shears to help keep your partner safe. There is also a copy of my best-selling instructional DVD set, 'Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels' with a free upgrade to the enhanced and updated on-line version on to get you started on the right track.

The Extra kit is for more experienced players who require a full suspension set and already have the expertise or are under instruction. The instructional DVDs are replaced by a pair of 6mm Xtra reinforced (untreated) jute for critical suspension up-lines and a laminated wood shibari ring or lightweight steel shibari ring

Hemp sets

These sets are designed for fans of western and fusion styles where hemp is the more traditional material and lengths are based around Imperial measurements, e.g. 30ft, 15ft, 10ft. The kits use my ever-popular 6mm Amanawa Linen Hemp, which is unique in its quality due to the high yarn count of extra fine threads. This means it is very pliable and soft so can be used right away without treatment, although I recommend a little oil or wax.

As with the jute kits, all include NaWax treatment wax to keep your rope in tip top condition and EMT shears to help keep your partner safe. 

*WARNING: CONTAINS NUT OIL. Not suitable for those with allergies to nuts

* Flashlight model depending upon stock