Semenawa palm hemp twine 3mm, 1 x 8m

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This is palm hemp twine, known as 'shuronawa', which you will often see in Japanese gardens binding fences and the like. Kinbaku fans will see its potential for semenawa sessions as it is is very mean, prickly and thin ;-)  It is a 2-ply 3mm twine which is very rustic and is supplied in standard 8m lengths finished with a standard knot. Available in brown.


I have developed a system of grading to help you compare rope. Here is my grading for this rope:


Actual diameter Measured in millimetres under tension 2.5-3
Weight Grams per metre 2.25
Twist rate A-D, where A is the highest number of twists per cm/inch C
Flexibility A-D, where A is most flexible B
Fibre quality A-D, where A is very clean and free from coarse/dark fibres D
Yarn quality A-D, where A is the most consistent in diameter D
Yarn/thread quantity Yarn per ply 1
Fuzz A-D, where A is the least hairy D
Shade A-D, where A is the lightest D




If you don't agree that it is the best rope you have ever had for the money, just send it back unused for a refund of the purchase price. I am happy to provide a sample if you email me your postal mail address.


Inside the UK, standard delivery is by First Class Mail Recorded and outside by Airmail, unless over £100 in which case I use Airsure where available. Airmail is quoted as taking at least 2-5 working days for Europe and the US but please allow for Customs clearance or longer delays for some destinations. All packages are in plain wrapping and the Customs declaration describes the contents as craft materials.  Please ask if you require insurance or fully tracked delivery.


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Recently, a few buyers have rated communications at less than 5/5 and I would like to keep this rating as good as all of my others. If I do not reply within 48 hours, please feel free to email me as sometimes my spam filter has a hiccup and deletes things it shouldn't. Also, once in a while, things get lost in the deluge of emails, as I can get up to 300 per day! 


Please check your PayPal address is correct and complete as some people forget and then I send your order to an old address.


Please bear in mind that this rope is not 'load tested' and breaking strains might vary according to many factors including usage, splices, wear & tear etc. If in doubt, do not use for applications where breaking strain might be an issue or if you are not fully conversant with the appropriate safety issues.


If you have any suggestions as how to improve my service to you, please let me know. I would be grateful if you would leave positive feedback.