NewAsa sets 6mm 8m

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800.00 Grams

Due to the success of the new construction of our Clara Premium jute rope, this method is being extended to other products. The advantage is that it ensures more even tension between the yarns. This means that it stays in balance, thus requiring less maintenance and giving longer life. It also eliminates the faults that can occur when making single yarn ropes.

This rope feels and looks very similar to Osaka, although it is more the golden colour of recent Tossa batches. Finally! The feel of a loose laid single yarn rope without the short-life and high maintenance. No need for wet treatment.

Each of the three strands has 6 sub-plies, each of 6 yarns. It is 6.5mm diameter off the reel. So, it will settle down to a perfect 6mm after some use and stretching. It is so soft that it only needs dry treating.

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    My new rope of choice

    Posted by Robert Wessler on 20th Sep 2020

    When first received, these ropes were light, pale in color and very fluffy, yet soft. Once waxed, singed and re-waxed, they became much more workable. I've used them three times now in quite dynamic vertical ties, after the first session, I had to re-singe and re-wax a second time after as they became very fluffy and dry. After their third use, they are now as good as my quite used Osaka's, which have been my rope of choice these past three years.
    I cannot find a fault with them, only time will tell how they handle after frequent use,  but so far they are great quality and great value for money. I could see myself making them my go-to rope for all sessions. It is a loose laid rope, not as loose as Osaka, 3 strands 7 plies and I did separated and catch the individual strands a couple of times while pulling it through in tight spots, however they recovered very well with no evidence of it after untying.  
    The bottom line: Great quality and for the price, you'll find nothing better. Pale in color, and you can use it straight out of the pack, but it performs better with a bit of oil and burning of the fuzzies; turns a nice golden color afterwards. Saw no major blemishes, is stable and durable even with rough treatment. Became softer, lighter and faster as the sessions went on. Will be more impressive after several more uses and should be long lasting without much aftercare, just the occasional oiling. Is a great size at 6mm, and with oil and burning and some use will probably settle in at just under; looks great against the model's skin. The handling of the rope is very subtle, soft and firm, it was easy to flick around and pull through. I used it in three separate Hashira Vertical ties as both the harness and the suspension and found it extremely durable for this type of high stranding/resistant tie. The softest rope I've ever felt right out of the box....I love this rope and would highly recommend it to any user, beginner or advanced rigger. 
    This review doesn't upload pictures, so if you'd like to see the ropes in action and up close, you can see the tie on instagram, shibaritangle.  

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    New Asanawa review

    Posted by Dave Watkeys on 11th Sep 2020

    The new set of rope arrived, and I immediately started to examine it and worked through treating the first length.

    First impressions were that it was a little out of balance on arrival, but the general quality of the rope looked good, with very few imperfections. The colour was lighter than I had seen previously, and the rope had quite a dry feel when raw, despite an immediately noticed softness. It also carries a higher innate internal tension not common to loose lay ropes I have used previously (Osada Steve, EvilGirlsHQ, Tossa lite). I'm expecting the rope to settle nicely once it has been rebalanced and hung to settle.

    I singed the rope first (blue flame), just to remove the greater part of the fuzz. It was a little more smokey that I'm used to, and I did note it smells a bit different to other sets I have done. Wasn't a "wrong" smell, just different.
    Second, I pulled the rope through a block of pure beeswax twice, until slightly sticky
    10mins at 100deg celcius in the oven (usually do 20mins). Once again noted a higher than normal smoke content.
    Oiled while still warm (pure jojoba), then loose coiled and hung to settle.
    This is my normal process, I should note.

    The finish is exceptional. It is soft enough to wonder at overall strength of the rope, despite knowing it has a higher strand count than most.
    My only concern was whether the softness would translate to lifeless. Until I actually used it, I was only able to guess on this one.

    Second night, I decided to simply singe and oil the rest of the batch, having concluded it simply didn't need full procesing. I have done that only once before (Osada Steve jute), which was borderline scratchy for a while after. The end result is as good as any other rope, post treatment, or perhaps better.

    And now, a few days later, I have used it.

    Aside from a slightly higher tendency to retain memory of it's compressions and locks, this has been the most enjoyable set of rope to tie with that I've seen in the last 5 years. Fast, light, soft and with excellent knot compression, this is as good as it has been claimed, or better.
    And with higher resistance to high stranding and poor balance also, I cannot praise this highly enough.

    I'd still like some load tests done for this, since it is a new product. Especially since a previous rope had problems in recent times, but so far I have no reason to expect anything but a strong contender for my new favorite rope.