Geotwist Hempex synthetic hemp rope sets, 8mm x 10m

$21.09 - $134.96
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GeoTwist Hempex looks like real hemp but is in fact a modern and durable man-made fibre rope. It is so convincing that it is used on historic vessels.� It is a medium laid (medium twist) polypropylene staple fibre yarn rope which means it has a high, predictable breaking strain and resists deterioration (6mm rated at 531kg/1,170lbs, 8mm: rated at 936kg/2,063lbs). In each ply, there are up to 5 single yarns (6mm, 3 single yarns, 8mm: 5 single yarns) making it similar in construction to typical hemp rope though even more durable. Perfect for those situations where you have to rely on your rope.