Clara Premium sets 6.5mm x 8m (26.25ft)

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Clara Premium has been two years in development and testing. Without a doubt, this is the best rope we have ever had. It is destined to set a new standard being superior to any Japanese rope we have used so far.

This is a true 6.5mm, so you might take it to be less as most rope is about 10% over the nominal size to allow for stretch and so as not to be under specification. After use, it is likely to settle down at around 6mm, which I regard as the ideal diameter (the photo showing two hanks compares our well-used 2-year-old samples ropes with new).

The weight is 18.5g per meter.

Each of the three strands has 7 sub-plies/strands, each of 5 yarns twisted together. The reason for this construction is to create a super flexible, smooth, loose-laid rope that is also durable and forgiving of rough handling. With this rope, you'll get the best of both worlds, long life and optimum feel and handling.

It's sweet-smelling due to eco-friendly production methods and wet treating is entirely pointless as it is perfect right off the reel.