Asanawa Xtra reinforced jute shibari rope 5mm x 10m, sets

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Asanawa Xtra is shibari rope made from tossa jute, as used in Japan, and reinforced with synthetic fibre which gives a stronger rope that feels like standard jute and ages beautifully. This is the only natural fibre rope I have found with a manufacturer's quoted breaking strain. The 4mm is rated at 100kg, 5mm at 130kg and 6mm at 180kg. It is ideal for safety critical applications where you don't want to rely on the unpredictability of 100% natural fibre.

It comprises 3-plies, made up of double-twisted jute yarn, instead of the  single yarns more common in Japanese rope,  with added mono-filament synthetic yarn to create an extremely light, yet strong and durable rope. It is available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. 

It is similar to my Tossa jute in look and feel, albeit somewhat stiffer. Supplied in 8m (26ft approx.) and 10m (33ft approx.) lengths finished with a simple knot.

The fibre ranges has a reddish hue and is always clean with minimal impurities. Its tight twist creates a stiffer rope which must be wet treated by washing, singeing off the minimal fuzzies and treatment with oil or wax, e.g. NaWaX. If you prefer, it is available already lovingly treated by hand.