Tossa Lite Natural 6mm x 8m wet treated, sets from

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NOTE: We have only 200m of wet treated rope left but it has a slight colour variation, so we are selling it for the same price as untreated

This is a new batch that came in as Tossa Lite 6mm but it is very different from previous batches. The fibre is higher quality being more golden with a slight sheen. It is not quite as clean as the standard Tossa but the odd dark fibres are soft and easily removed. It is also a lower yarn count (6 vs 13 double yarns) which makes it less smooth. However, it is more flexible untreated than wet treated Tossa which means all you need to do is oil and singe off and it's ready to use. You can wet treat it but I don't bother. It's around 25% lighter than Tossa at around 16g per metre so it handles beautifully. The diameter of 6mm is very accurate, so you might find this thinner than nominally 6mm ropes which tend to be around 10% over-size.

The double yarn construction means that it is stable and durable even with rough treatment. The lay (twist) is tighter than the earlier batches of Lite so the rope has more body and the plies are less likely to open up.

If you want and everyday rope that needs minimal preparation, ties beautifully, will last and doesn't cost a fortune, this is it! Check out the close ups and video and see for yourself.

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    Good price for good ropes

    Posted by Swanray on 7th Mar 2019

    The ropes I ordered looked good on first inspection, I found some irregularities enclosed but they are not very disturbing. I oiled them a few times and burned the fuzziness away. The ropes have more body than other ropes I had already and I hope they will mature as good as these! Knots were very loose, but that was ok as I make my own bindings on each end.

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    Good quality product

    Posted by Chris on 11th Apr 2017

    The rope arrived before the expected date and when I opened the package the rope was as described and is a great product easy to use and behaves great.
    Very pleased given the good price.

    I would note that when oiling for the first time the rope absorbed a large quantity of oil - but this is expected

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    Good stuff

    Posted by Ulfur on 1st Apr 2017

    I ordered and got delivered to my hotel. Good inconspicuous packing, I like the ropes and it was nice to get a small booklet with them explaining the best way to treat the rope.

    Knots tend to loosen up but I like the texture and handling it.

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    From a very happy customer.

    Posted by Martin Hayden on 18th Dec 2016

    A great product exactly as described.
    Prompt shipping and delivery.
    Thank you Esinem.