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Okinawa jute rope

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Okinawa jute shibari rope

The latest addition to the range which fits neatly between Osaka and Tossa for those like the flexibility and loose lay of Osaka but want a more durable rope that doesn't need to be wet treated. It's the 6 double yarns per ply that give it longevity and good resistance to high-stranding (going out of balance). Supplied in 8m (26ft approx.) and 10m (33ft approx.) lengths finished with a simple knot.

Like my other loose laid ropes, it can be used right away but is even nicer after oiling and burning off. As you can see, it's natural colour is a dark gold and the fibre is very clean. Compared to single yarn ropes, it is much more forgiving of rough handling and has a little more heft to it.